Once upon a time Richard Boehmcke had a desire to do something expressive. After toying with other creative outlets including the guitar (that thing is hard) Richard settled on writing. And in July of 2008 Boehmcke's Human Condition was born.

Since then, Richard has written over 180,000 words for his blog. It has been visited by readers in 100 countries. In his weekly posts, he examines this ridiculous life with his signature self-deprecating wit and energetic optimism.  

The success of the blog inspired him to take writing classes and eventually to follow other creative pursuits, including short-form video, playwriting, and some projects he's not quite sure how to do yet.

After placing in the top 50 of nearly 2,000 entrants to a video contest for a perfect job living the good life on a winery in California, Richard entered a dozen new video contests winning two of them. The prizes were an all expenses paid weekend in Miami and a pair of plane tickets to Fiji

Richard has written, directed, and produced 4 original plays for the New York stage through The Sapling Theater CompanyI Hope This Ends Well: A Night of One Act Plays, Safety and Desire and Ripped at the Seems have all sold out.

His mixed media blog Relevant Motion is a repository for videos, poetry, prose, photography and more.  His latest ventures include more content for the web, screenplays, a new Vlog entitled "90 Second Love" , and the pilot episode of his web series "Twentease" which will continue filming in the spring.

Boehmcke’s Human Condition remains the core of Richard’s pursuits and he is consistently looking for new ways to write about the embarrassing and ridiculous choices he has made in his life

Richard lives in New York with 1 stuffed pug and 1 cardboard pug.