Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Agony of Da Feet

When I was 10 the grooming process was very simple. It was barely a process at that. I had soap, I had shampoo, and maybe some hairspray. there was no moisturizing, no exfoliating, and certainly no trips to the store to buy specialty niche items to help me improve my body.

But things have changed a lot for me. In fact I am sure the 10 year old me would be utterly baffled at the amount of crap I have in my bathroom, stuff that I am not even really sure why I own.

Case and point: There is a PedEgg in my bathroom.

For those of you who do not know, the PedEgg is one of those As Seen On TV products that promises to change your life like nothing you have ever owned before. This one promises to do it through exfoliation.

It is a home pedicure device shaped like an egg for reasons I dare not fathom. It looks like this.

Notice the word "Professional" written on the egg. I'm sure this is to prevent people from getting this product confused with all of those amateur PedEggs you have been seeing on the market. Damn PedEgg impostors are ruining our economy. THIS one is the real deal. THIS is what the pros use.

As with most great inventions, I imagine that someone was at home in their bathroom using a cheese grater to get rid of the calluses on their heel when they had a brilliant stroke of brilliance.

"Wait a minute. What if I did not need to repair my gross feet with the same device that I use to shred my Parmesan? What if I had an object that was cost efficient, tiny, and shaped like a... like a... like a EGG?!"

Apparently there was an unknown demand, the the inventor of the PedEgg came up with the supply. The commercial that sells the product seems to be a blend of questionable truthiness. They show the PedEgg blade easily getting rid of the dead skin on the bottom of a woman's foot.

OK that seems believable.

Then they show the same PedEgg rubbing up against a balloon and not popping.


How can that be? A device such as this surely must have blades of ninja sharp steel, sharpened to a microfinish by the finest craftsmen to enable us to smoothen our feet! But for it to not pop a balloon? Blasphemy I say! Witchcraft!

So after I stopped yelling obscenities at my television, I decided to try it.

Having recently spent a couple of weeks walking through South America with a pack on my back, my feet were in need of a makeover. Nay. An extreme makeover. My all female team of coworkers kept suggesting a "team pedicure" but I felt the PedEgg might be a slightly less embarrassing and more successful venture.

Wrong again Boomka.

I wasn't sure where I could find this item. but, as it turns out it wasn't hard to find one. They are located with the impulse items near the register at where else? Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Impulse item? Really? When i think impulse items I think candy and gum and glossy mags with pictures of half naked celebrities. I don't think... foot repair.

"Ohhh look! Flavored jelly beans and OH MY GOD my feet DO need to be scrubbed with a plastic egg!"

So I buy my egg (20% off of course) and bring it home. My excitement gets the better of me and I open it immediately. This would be like Christmas for my feet. Though it seemed unnecessary to do so, I read the instructions. I wanted to make sure this really was as easy as had been advertised.

My elation quickly turned to frustration as I started using the PedEgg.

My first problem with the PedEgg is using it requires my leg to be in a yoga position I can only describe as Crouching Neanderthal. Keeping my leg folded up in that stance for more than 4 consecutive seconds without collapsing and smacking my head on the sink is a miracle of strength and gravity.

I finally managed to get myself into proper... um... PedEgging form by sitting on the toilet and leaning against the wall.

Once I was able to accomplish such a feat I began Pedegging myself. Giving myself a PedEggcure if you will. I started out gently, worrying that I would turn my foot into a bloody stump if I wasn't careful.

But that wasn't enough so I applied a little more pressure.

And a little bit more.

And a little bit more.

And a little bit more until I was scrubbing the bottom of my foot so hard I thought I was going to blow my rotator cuff or need Tommy John surgery. Because as far as the PedEgg is concerned, it appears my feet are made out of Balloons.

But I also still had to do the other foot. which means I had to move the PedEgg to my left hand. Now I can barely even wave with my left hand, never mind contort my body into a pretzel while simultaneously sanding off the heel of my right foot. This process took considerably longer.

I checked the results of my effort. Sure my foot was smoother but I was disappointed. If I do a cost benefit analysis on my purchase I come to the conclusion that having a smooth foot is not worth having to pay for a shoulder replacement.

So I just gave up and did what any other guy would have done.

I went and got a pedicure.


The Girl said...


My favourite bit of the PedEgg advert (oh yeah we've got them over here!) is the bit at the end where they open it and show you all the gross foot shavings, and then show you that you're supposed to put them in a bin. Thank goodness they did that, I'd have been sprinkling them over my cornflakes otherwise.

Anonymous said...

This is your grosses blog post to date.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Oh my gosh Boomka, you're hilarious! My co-workers are staring at me and trying to figure out the cause for my giggles.

Jeninacide said...


For the record, my sister has a PedEgg- although I think she got one of those knock-off, amateur ones from Walgreens- and she loves it. When we were camping a couple of weekends ago she couldn't stop talking about how she wanted to go home and use her PedEgg! I think the whole concept of the PedEgg is totally gross and refuse to use one.

Instead I opt for the pumice stone, in the shower (which may also necessitate yoga moves), or after I have soaked my feet in warm, soapy water for several minutes. It helps to soften the skin so you don't have to "grate" so hard. (Just an idea for future reference).

Nancy said...

Ha! Thanks. I've been eyeing that Egg!

carolyn said...

yeah thats what I wanted to hear about too...the foot shavings! I love when the asian girls scrape my feet then show me how disgusting my feet were by emptying all the dead skin out and laughing at me. I hate getting it done though ( I was considering a ped egg before) because i always giggle uncontrollably when they are scraping me. ITS SO HUMILIATING!!! and it tickllleeessss

Pat said...

Hey - were you spying over my shoulder last week when I was shopping in Bed, Bath and Beyond and grabbed the PedEgg at the last minute when I went to check out? It's true! LOL! It did work good for me. Maybe the problem is that it's for women. At least the one I bought is. I didn't notice any for men around. And if your feet are anything like my husband's, you'd need something pretty tough to shave the dead skin off of them! Did you remember to stick the piece of emery board-like paper on the bottom of the egg for a nice finish to your heels?

suzi said...

Anything to do with feet makes me cringe, not my favourite part of the body. Great post, a 'giggle out loud' one.

Maya Couzins said...

Your PedEgg story cracked me up!