Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Good Reason to Go Crazy

Hey you! Yes I’m talking to you! The one sitting at your desk slumped over like the hunchback of Internet Explorer. I know exactly what you’re thinking!

You are thinking,

Man, I have way too much free time and money on my hands. I am looking for a way to be stressed and really alter my life. How can I do that?

Well lucky for you I have just the way! It’s new, it’s exciting, and it will also possibly help you lose all of your friends in the process!


Yes. Yes I know. So what is this amazing activity? What should you be doing? Or more specifically, what should you do now?

I’ll tell you, you should put on a play!

What? Rich Boehmcke that is ridiculous.

No, YOU are ridiculous.

No seriously, stop it. You should go back to doing what you do best, eating cereal and tripping over your own feet when you make eye contact with women.

Trust me. It’s so much fun. I’ve been doing it since I was 10 when we put on a dancing lip-synched version of Aladdin in my neighbors backyard.

Well, I mean if I’m being honest, that show never made it out of rehearsals. It was fatally flawed from the beginning.

Perhaps it was the fact that half of us had not hit puberty yet, and the other half had no theater training greater than the part of Protractor #3 in Mrs. Fink’s 5th grade production of The Case of the Missing Bookcase.

Or it could have been something more specific, like how none of us could figure out how to make a turban out of a bath towel and a safety pin. Or maybe it was the fact that none of the background dancers (Read: Neighbor kids) could say: He’s got the monkeys; let’s see the monkeys, without bursting into hysterics.

Now some might say I was a bit of a diva, starring of course, as Aladdin. But I only was seeking perfection for my cast. I mean we weren’t really organized. My sister was a good director and all, but a dozen kids acting like maniacs in the front yard of your house to the repetitive sound of Robin Williams' voice on a Disney CD isn’t exactly a well-oiled machine.

It wasn’t so much a musical as it was a summer mental asylum for ADD lunatics.

But I digress.

Three years later (tired with the musical theater industry… of my front yard) my friend John and I produced the first (and subsequently) last season of 2 very prominent television shows.

The shows I speak of are of course “The Rich Boehmcke Show” and the “Joe ‘The Hunk’ Shmo Show."

The shows basically consisted of John and myself taking turns hosting a talk show at my kitchen counter in front of the video camera. We used some cheesy wedding reception noise maker as applause, a ska CD as our intro music, and we dressed up in a variety of clothing from around my house to resemble different guests.

OK, basically it was really us putting on my mother’s old wigs, shoving pillows in our shirts, and pretending to be Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra.

Again I know what you’re thinking.


Alas, like all great television shows, the originals have been lost. Rumor has it that they may be somewhere in a box in my parents house in South Carolina but only time will tell.

But again, I digress.

I took roughly a 13 year sabbatical from TV and musical production to focus on other more productive activities like getting an education and staring at girls I was too afraid to talk to.

But alas, last year after attempting many different pursuits I came upon the brilliant idea to write and direct 2 shows. And being the charming individual I am, I coerced  my friend Andrea into assisting me assuring her it wouldn’t ruin our friendship, even though I was almost positive it would.

The shows, which were written, rehearsed, and put on in less than 4 months were an excellent study in budgeting, sleep loss, and extreme stress.

Sounds amazing right?

Well it actually was. It was maybe the most fantastic experience of my life, including the crying. And then afterwards I went back to work, and life, and just being a normal Rich Boehmcke.

Things kind of rolled along as usual, took a dip south towards crappy for a while, but then the spring happened and things were going really well for me. I was happier than I had ever been. And I realized…

Something was missing.

I realized it was the sleep loss, the stress, the neuroses and all the panic attacks that come with putting on a self financed production based around your own writing.

So we decided to do it again!

Well not so much “we” as “me” and I kind of just told Andrea I wanted to do it again. And I think I did it while she was sleep deprived or not paying attention, thereby confusing her into saying yes.

So you too should join me in this endeavor. Keep your eye (or both eyes for that matter) on me in the next month as I get ready for our next show. As over the next 4 weeks I forget to eat dinner, wear one sock at a time, and walk around town with my fly open as I commit all available brain cells to our next play.

Wait, what’s that you say? What is the next play? What the hell is it all about? Where can I buy tickets? Is there a trailer?

First of all, stop asking so many questions. You are stressing me out.

Second of all, all your questions can be answered here…


Neurotic Workaholic said...

Your play sounds awesome! And the trailer was intriguing. But MAN! I wish it was playing in Chicago so that I could go see it! And that's so cool that you've written these plays and that they're being performed; it must be amazing to see your words come to life like that.

DangGina said...

I think that's cool, and if I lived closer (WAY closer) I'd totally come and support your play. Alas...I'm POOR this summer...honestly, the only "vacation" I get this year is the weekend-long trip I took to Vegas. I might get in a few more weekends where I get to camp in the wilderness...

Anyway, have fun with it, and tell us all how it turns out!

PS What is it with adolescents and video cameras? My best friend Heather and I used to make the silliest music videos EVER when we were 14ish. We thought we were awesome! (We were. Clearly.) I'm pretty sure if the general public got their hands on those tapes, I'd have to remove myself from all society for a few years and embrace the life of a hermit. Just to get over the fact that anyone beyond Heather and myself had seen it...

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I TOTALLY put on productions of Aladdin when I was a kid! And the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. I'm sure I drove my parents nuts.

And I so wish I lived close, I'd totally come see your play. Too bad I can't teleport. I'll work on that.

Pat said...

Man, you've just GOT to find those old tapes. They must be hysterical! I know, you're saving them for when you are a FAMOUS playwriter, then one day on Oprah, you'll dig those babies out and say, "SEE, I was interested in entertaining even when I was LITTLE!"

Did you make that promo tape for the play? That is great! I love the music in the background, the clips are great, and the play sounds so intriguing! I would be there if I were near!

JerseySjov said...

there's a wonderful video of a friend of mine stoned out of his skull pretending to read the news. let's hope he never runs for office...

Stephanie Ann said...

I thank the sweet lord every single day that I have the most horrible stage fright ever and could not be talked into something like this by even George Clooney himself. But your trailer was very interesting and I hope the production is a success. Perhaps I could interest you in doing a stint in Middle-of-Nowhere, KY so that I would be able to enjoy it as well! I'm totally doing the little angel-pretty-please face right now.

RedWriter said...

Have you scripted it? Do we get a sneak peak at some of your play writing? x

The Kissters said...

the first play i did was in the 2nd grade-- my classmate and i put it on and i STILL remember it!

we can NOT wait to see this by the way. awesome.

The Kissters

Iqbal Ismail said...

OMG!!! Safety & Desire.. OMGosh!!!! This is awesomely awesome man! And your idea of getting almost everybody who stumble upon your blog into walking down the street with their flies open are very amusing and fun at the same time. I think I should do something like this sometime... But I've never been or take part of any play in my whole 18years life.

Laury Ann said...

Hey, I'm the hunchback (with good posture) of Mozilla Firefox thank you very much ;-)

That's AMAZING about your, break a leg is what we should say, right? Does that apply to the creator as well?

Have fun, can't wait to hear more about it!

Caroline B said...

Well done you on going for it again - hope you are able to keep the stress levels at a manageable level this time round, I'm sure it will be fine!
I thank the Lord there were no video cameras around when I was a teen - my friends and I formed a 'band' (and I use the term loosely!) and sang folk songs at each others houses.....I played (Ha!) the tambourine. I'm still cringing....

Nancy said...

Just catching up on Miami and your new endeavor. You are one exciting guy, Boomka!

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

What about July 10th? Can't you show it on July 10th? I'm a working mom on LI I can't possibly get out from under my rock, but I am going to be in NYC on July 10th!!! Partying like a rockstar, ok, pretending to be a rock star!