Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mad Men... Myself - The Conclusion

So after 30+ pictures I finally called it quits on my roof. Now you might think 30 pictures doesn't sound like too much. But it was

1. Hit menu
2. Select timer
3. Line up shot
4. Press the button
5. Go pose and wait
6. Review picture
7. Restart

Add into the fact that halfway through the shoot my batteries were almost dead, so I had to stop and charge them for like... 4 minutes so I could continue being a narcissist on my roof. I also kept panicking that my whiskey bottle was going to fall off the roof and kill someone walking by and really, I would have no good alibi there.

At one point after taking so many pictures I started taking swigs from the bottle. And let me tell you...  old Jim Beam does not taste as awesome as.... well, nobody probably think old whiskey tastes good. Yea that one was all on me.

Anyway, after I finished I spent 3 days sorting through the pictures, asking people's opinion, cropping, moving, and stressing over which one to pick.

The fact that every single person I asked like a different photo certainly didn't help either. But I was able to choose one after narrowing it down to this batch.

The Executive

The Suspicious

The Dreamer

The Desperate

It is amazing the differences of opinions. Some people are very vehement about which pictures I submit to contests I probably don't have a chance to win. So which one did I eventually choose?

Well I'll tell you. But only if you promise to vote every day!

See the final photo here:


Ava said...

Nicely done, Rich. Nicely done.

DangGina said...

I can vote daily? I think I will!

PS I like the pic you chose. You'll win. I can feel it.

Caroline B said...

I'm glad you picked the one you did, it's cool (I voted...)
That last pic made me laugh out loud - I WOULD have been dialling emergency services if that was the view I'd had!

Anonymous said...

I was personally rooting for "the dreamer", however I do fancy the one you picked and I'll vote for ya : )

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Amazing. Totally voted for you, of course.

Stephanie Ann said...

I definitely like the one you chose the best. It looks like a GQ pic and GQ is my idea of porn. Very well done! Also, I'm getting in two votes a day, one at work and one at home. Is that cheating?

Nancy said...

Your numbers are up! Hmmm, I kind of like The Executive, but I also liked the one you picked.

And Jim Beam - yuck. Now Maker's Mark...

Cathy said...

Just voted! Love the one you picked - very subtle move towards the Jim Beam. Great pictures.

It looked like some people just submitted an everyday picture of themselves - you can't win if you don't put in the effort! You absolutely deserve to win!

Madhu said...

Voted.. I hope you win..

Best of luck

librarygirl said...

I thought 'The Dreamer' was a damn good photo, but looking at the one you picked, I think you made the right decision. Best of luck, I'll be voting like a mad thing.

Pat said...

They really all are excellent shots. Great lighting! I voted (again!) Good luck!

whalechaser said...

Hey Boomka,
you want votes, keep posting a new entry to your blog with the link to the voting site. I can't keep hunting for this page!
that will keep the link close to the top.
And. hey, when you get the part...I want an autographed picture

Daniel Dragomirescu said...

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Daniel D. Peaceman, editor